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Permanent Residency
The two main methods for obtaining legal, permanent residency in the U.S. are adjustment of status(residency application is processed in the U.S.) and consular processing (residency application is processed in the U.S. consulate in applicant’s home county). While it is always preferable to keep a case in United States, most people do not qualify to interview in the U.S. and must return to their home country for their residency interview. The applicant’s process will ultimately depend upon the applicant’s individual circumstances.
Visas for Victims of Crime
U visas are available to immigrants who are victims of certain crimes and who step forward with information related to the crime. The U visa allows victims of crime and their family to remain in the United States, obtain employment authorization, and apply for permanent resident status. People who wish to obtain a U visa must provide sufficient evidence to prove they meet all the requirements of this visa. In addition, the investigating authorities must provide a certification indicating the person helped in the investigation of the crime.

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